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“By Sight”



We know all things we love, if only by sight….objects of affection, concrete symbols our eyes recognize and adore

A face of a beloved, cherished one, a comforting flame, a golden glow radiating love across the bright blue forever

A hand that holds on, in sickness and in health, not letting go however hard it is to help and allow you to heal

Eyes saying hello, smiling excitement when they see you, twinkling when they recognize your smile, even though the miles between are great and expansive

A road taken, one known and explored, a sight softening your inner core, your weary bones, taking you home, a peace sign up ahead beckons you towards your destiny

A marvelous tree, knowing all, seeing you, in times of joy and worry, standing tall, a guide towards clarity and understanding, roots holding on to you as you navigate and adjust to the incarnation of love

A magnificent sky, adorned with jewels of moonstone, silver connections, grateful and believable, a blanket of the divine goodness for all to experience, a reminder of spirit, as hope floats on to another time and place

A monarch butterfly, a symbol of rebirth, of surrender, of possibilities, surrounded by sunlit hearts, mirroring yours and mine

We know all things we love, if only by sight, our eyes allow us to feel despite the distance, our hearts attached to something broader and heavier, an anchor… a journey worth the ride

Love and Light, M


Salty Lake Mono



I don’t accept this world as given
As done, finished
As tied up in a perfect reflection of what we thought it was

It’s a gift we continue to open
It’s a door we continue to shut
It’s a window into the future, cracked open, just enough

A masterpiece not yet created sits inside of me

As artisans, challenging days fuel our creations
As believers, our faith fuels our misgivings and doubts

Salt hits the wound
As the poem of my heart comes out
Into a brutal world
Yet the only one I see is captivating

Crazy beautiful, that day was crazy beautiful
“sending crazy beautiful love and photos” …. sent to the other side
Despite my doubts
It will always be crazy beautiful, to me

That salt, it doesn’t serve me anymore
Sweet sugar in my veins weakens the sting
My poem becomes my legacy, a documentation of my inner world

As the whipping November air reaches in, it tries to close a salty wound
Salt from the lake will remain next to my heart, I will visit it again
Next time, empowered
Next time, ready

It’s not a given, that our time is limited

My masterpiece awaits me
My faith, my gifts, are not yours

They are mine
I will remember, next time I visit the salty wound

Love and Light, M




Brave morning, launch into a fresh day
Survival kicks in, be attentive to it
Savor the crisp air, revel in the cardinal-red leaves

Pay attention, leaves are changing once again
We never notice, until it is too late

Recovery becomes second nature
On the edges, red hues dangle
Holding on for dear life, like us

Suddenly, red falls to an eternal home
She welcomes her children, once again

Awareness belongs to us as we witness another fall
Check into the cardinal-red edges of the leaves
Notice as they dance and change

Collectively, we all change, you…. me

Overnight, it seems, cardinal-red leaves cover the earth again
Overnight, it seems, we change

Not a transition of green to orange to red, gradually
A flourishing transition from silence to strength to resilience

Breaking away, changing to the cardinal-red, dropping to the earth
Taking courage to let go
Yet holding onto faith, allowing change
A deeper understanding
Entering another fall season, grateful

Let’s mirror the trees. Let’s be graceful with our passage into fall.

I wonder, do the trees notice their leaves changing? One day, morning comes and their leaves manifest into a marvelous cardinal-red. We step outside and admire their glory. They allow their constant spring companions to let go, falling to their mother. They don’t try to hold on. They let go gracefully. Ritually, they let go, and one day, the cardinal-red leaves are gone. Solid, forgiving trees, they stand alone. They understand, they accept, they adapt. Their abscission complete. Ready for the bitter winter, their warmth radiates from the inside.

They embrace their inner light.

I wonder, do we let go gracefully? Do we resist the evolution into another season, another year coming to a close?

We change every minute, every day, without even recognizing it. Then one day, we are ready to let the cardinal-red leaves attached to us go. Small changes within ourselves allow us to understand, accept, adapt. Let’s not mourn the loss, but embrace it. Our season with the cardinal-red leaves taught us valuable lessons. Embracing our inner light will keep us warm.

“Four Angels”

Angel of Bodie.8.8.15


I’d buy more angels, if I could
Three is not enough, five is too many
Four seems right
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
North, South, East and West

Each one will take care of my most basic needs, in all seasons, whatever direction I go, in whatever energy I experience
A perfect square of autonomy

I pray to the angels for minimal things
Love, water, peace, comfort
It’s not too much to ask, is it?
Basic, life-giving sustenance

I’d buy more angels, if I could
I would ask them to teach me how to fly, head held high, dignity intact, brave enough to say what I need to say
Yet soft enough to hold it all together

Three is not enough, five is too many
Four, yes, four angels are calling my name
Four angels are comforting me, surrounding me in the midst of summer
A summer begging for change

I know their names
They have known mine since we met a thousand years ago
One left for awhile to guide another
She’s on her way back to me now

They are coming
Massive white wings spanning the length of a whale’s heart
Golden eyes shining in my dreams
Hope rising from her breath

Wake at 3:33 a.m., when the veil lifts between the worlds
They arrive, one by one
Each carrying a message
Hope, Love, Peace, Comfort

“No need to buy, just believe”
We are here, the Four Golden Ones
Help is on the way

Love and Light, M

Swing, August, Swing



We’re all still here
It’s August now
Time to relish in the summer
Swing high, into the clouds

Day comes again
Elegantly, night erased
Honesty doesn’t get us anywhere
It only brings comfort to the brave ones

Tenderness sits outside the door
On a shelf
In a forgotten drawer
Silence grips the hinges
Try to be quiet, they need sleep

Smitten with the idea of a new day
August imposed itself quickly upon us
Our afflictions still common knowledge
Easier to digest and swallow

Eight-twelfths of the way through
Another year we want to remember
Eight-twelfths of real time
Real time of learning, growing, being

We’re all still here
Wanting to create something lasting
Eight-twelfths is almost gone
Swing heavily into the remainder of the year

Swing and rock
Back and forth
From happy to sad
From strong to weak

Swing, August, Swing





Part 1.
“If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung
Would you hear my voice come through the music
Would you hold it near as if it were your own?”
“Ripple”- The Grateful Dead
Some voices become our own, without us even knowing; they creep into us and meld into our being. Some voices become our music; a melody we need to allow our sacrifices to make sense.
Part 2.
I don’t want to say goodbye, so forgive me for not saying hello
I’ll just sit quietly beside you
exchanging meaningful glances
Watching August clouds roll by
Forgive me, I cannot stay for long, but I’ll be with you forever
Understand me, I’ll give you strength and compassion
In return, please give me hope and resurrection
I don’t want to say goodbye, so forgive me for not saying hello
We can walk the path to nightfall
I’ll hold the light so you can see
Part 3.
So it’s said
Teach only love
As the ripples spread across the shallow waters
With each one, tales of forgiveness take life
Purple moths dance around the sunlit poppies
A display of undying love
Shown only to us
We inhale the moment and feel blessed
Teach only love, is the message
We hope that we do
We fear that we can’t
So it’s said
Time heals all wounds
I think it’s the ripples in the shallow water
Asking us to open up to the unknown before us
Purple moths dance around the sunlit poppies
Only a few remain until another summer rain
Cherish the sight, cherish the moment
It will be gone soon enough
Part 4.
I don’t want to say goodbye, so forgive me for not saying hello
I’ll just sit quietly beside you, watching the sunlit poppies glow
I don’t want to say goodbye, so I will stay with you forever
Love and Light, M



“Eleven” appears in the June 2015 issue of 614 Magazine, Columbus, Ohio

Behind the wonder of it all

Lies a place only we can see
Chosen ones who must suffer
Before opening up to our gifts

Our fate lies in numbers in a velveteen hat

A red wine glass sits as the fruit flys gather
Skimming the top
We discuss a multitude of thoughts
Pick a number out of the hat, He asks

My chosen number….11
A known variable of the Angels
It’s everywhere, on me, in my heart
Wonders of the number drive my days and actions

A child at the time I chose
Knowing that along with 11, would come deep pain in my back
As the wings broke through, gradually, methodically, gracefully

Without 11’s, hope and faith would be buried
beneath sorrow and pain
Spring would not have a chance
Winter would live in all hearts and souls
He gives me a reason to keep my number, but tells me
a shift will come without warning

One day, another velveteen hat will appear
Millions of choices, pick another number to change your fate
Wonder comes back, she tells me to wait
Your number is who you are

You have suffered, inside your head, the voices will stay
You have sacrificed, outside your body
your loved ones, they need you
In another world, they see your humility and humanity
Don’t give up 11…….. don’t give up 11

Stay in the wonder of it all
Imagine a world without the 11’s
Darkness would swallow us whole
As an 11, we suck up the darkness and hide it in our bodies

As our backs break
As our minds hear thoughts that cannot be spoken
Wonder allows my hope and faith to continue
Telling me to keep my number, 11, safe

Love and Light, M

“Untitled 2”



There is no physical evidence

No trace……

Only invisible clues
That they were here

But it was real
It’s printed on the fragile paper covering of our hearts
Precious moments
It transports us back to another time

We smile when we see a photo of their beautiful face
We laugh when we recall the sound of their voice
Tears of pure joy when we recreate the love they gave to us

From wherever they are….across the bright blue forever

I hope they smile and laugh
I hope they remember
I hope they still feel the love we share

The clues are in the sparkle in our eyes
The evidence in the words that we speak
A trace of love on our skin

It is with us…. always

When we touch, we can feel their energy
A clue in the way we reach out to others
Untouchable evidence, when we see with our nostalgic hearts

There is nothing left of them, but the blissful thought, radiating from us
If we are asked to remember, we will
As we do, reach into the photographic frame in our minds, and see

Love and Light, M

“A Silent Kingdom”

Cobwebs drape the dogwoods
Threads barely touching as their strength binds the forest floor

Lush green undercurrents erupt
A Mayapple army marches in succession towards the giant oaks

Lonely sparrows circle their kingdom
Searching for a home nestled high

In the clearing, the gypsies dance under the dusk lit horizon
Beckoning kindred spirits ask for clarity among the dogwoods

A platter with a feast for kings
In the depths of the young forest

Their queen emerges in the moonlight
Purple fairies cling to her earthen body

Mellifluous sounds fill the treasured place
A constant flow of everlasting love resides here

A box of prayers waits under the Three Sisters
Journeymen come, hoping for salvation

Within the young forest, dreams are woven into the thriving medley of lilies
Rising energy in the infinite mist

Love and Light, M

bristlecone at dusk

Will such a day ever come to me?
Where the air smells of pines and sugar
When I open my eyes to the majesty before me
Alpine lakes crystal shimmering amongst the Buddha mountains

It is here in my fragile, intricate mind
A day that I can dream of
I can touch it, faithfully
I commit to that day, will you?

Close by, it waits for my arrival
A day such as this comes only to the pure of heart
As hope fills my veins, rejoicing in the thought

My freedom lives in such a day
Songs I’ve yet to hear
Words I’ve yet to write
Are you there, with me?

Will such a day ever come to me?
Awakening without suffering
Stepping into the gentle future
My hands my gift, my heart my life
The mountains, my home

Love and Light, M