Monthly Archives: March 2015

“Forest Dance”

forest dance-1


The grand forest ballroom opens up
First the sun, then the moon, arrives

The sun, flaming yellow light, a vision of beautiful pure energy
The moon, glowing like silver diamonds, a vision of pure love
They finally meet and their eclipse causes the heavens to collide
Their eclipse is brief but meaningful

The sun and moon dance among the giant oaks that bow down to their spiritual presence

Purple flowers sing ethereal music as the two connect
The force that brought them together cannot be denied
As their dance goes on through the night
When morning comes, they part and say “until next time”

Waiting for the next eclipse, the sun and moon chase each other each day, counting the stars until they dance again

Ever present in the heavens
They wait for their next forest dance

Love and Light, M

“The Door”

I knocked on the door labeled Hope
As I entered, a white room engulfed me
A single red rose in a crystal vase
2200 years ahead of the beginning

The three of us sat in silence
She stared at me
Then glanced at you
Opened the book and read aloud….

“To find forever peace within your soul, you must go back in time to find your twin flame. When you do, your guide will appear with a golden shroud of light. To be free, give only of yourself and send the other one into their destiny.”

The door labeled Hope opened behind us, quietly urging us to go
We stood and embraced Her
Our eyes met and I saw a thousand years flash before me
In my presence, my twin flame stood

We obeyed her command and set forth
Upon a trail of gold dust
Among the giant trees
The tallest peak in the distance

At the edge of the cliff, we agreed to part ways
My years ahead, your years behind
Some day, we hoped to meet in the middle
“I’ll watch over you from a distance,” you whisper in my ear

The white room still holds the red rose
She waits for our return
Outside the door labeled Hope
A line of desperate souls await their fate

Love and Light,


“Grace In The Window”

As any dog lover knows, dog ownership takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. Most of the time, I feel like I have three, three-year-old toddlers in the house. However, the gifts they give in return to me are ten-fold.
Owning and caring for three rather large dogs, I cannot begin to count the blessings they have given to me. Unconditional love in the body of a dog, unspoken words that communicate volumes and special, knowing “looks” let me know that they do feel me and love me.
Gracie, the middle “child” will be three years old in May. Each morning, she watches the sun rise from the dining room window. While the other two, Buddy and Lilo are lurking in the kitchen as I make coffee and breakfast, Gracie sits patiently in the window. This poem is for my Gracie.

“Grace In the Window”

Grace in the window
Watching a myriad of images
I wonder what she sees
I wish I could be her

She rests in the morning sun
Gently resting her bear-like body against the cold glass
She is my soul sister
From another time

She keeps watch for me
Protecting my spirit from the outside world
No words exchanged, only meaningful glances
Fluid Grace…she gives me bountiful, positive energy

Grace in the window
A welcome sight as I pass through this world
Days of figuring out who I am
She is by my side, guarding my precious and loving heart

My Grace
She is me and I am her
My Grace
She is looking out my window into the world

Love and light, M

“Kindred Spirits”

In memory of a beloved friend……

Tarpy 12.28.12

In my wicked tornado
You came

Our paths crossed silently
In the wake of the powerful storm

In that instant
Our kindred spirits agreed

Yes, we are friends

And in that moment
I was at peace

The rains came back
At first, the mist started

Then the flood gates opened

And just like that, you were gone
Under the protection my Tarpy tree

I knew

The world didn’t need another hero
Just me

Your spirit is in me, always
And I know that those who don’t know
Have no need to know

For you were my sweet soul sister
Teaching me your blend of gentle love
Teaching me how your heart lives

Love and Light, M

March 9, 2015

“Hope Arrives”

As a budding novice poet, writer and general ranter, I read a lot of poetry written by Oliver, Dickinson, Frost, Yeats, Cummings, Neruda, Rilke, Plath and Whitman (just a few of my favorites).   I am drawn to specific lines in their poems, or the titles of the poems.   This past week, I read a few poems by Emily Dickinson, and one line stood out to me….”Hope is the thing with feathers.”

Maybe it’s been a long winter, or that I am ready for spring, but the word “hope” brings many images to my mind.    If we don’t have hope, what do we really have?   Hope drives us, our thoughts, actions, and decisions.   If there is no hope for spring, for a little sunshine, a better path, a chance to pursue what we love and our passions, well, what can we truly rely upon?

Hope comes to us every morning as the sun rises, as the birds sing, once again,

hope arrives……

Chirping floats through my window
A sure sign of renewal is coming
A quiet awakening from the birds
Peace sits with me as I write

Dreams of time swept away
On the wings of birds circling, just far away as not to disturb
All of the seconds, minutes, the hours….
Days, months and years

With each moment carried away on the wings that awaken us
Lost time to create
Lost time to love
Yet aware enough to go on

Peace sits with me as I write
A day ahead with so much potential
To create
To love

Chirping floats through the dawn-lit window
Hope arrives and sits next to Peace
The three of us relish the morning sun
We listen to the winged messengers outside my window

Love and Light, M

“Golden Oak Leaf”

These lonely woods see the magnitude of our story
The creatures who live here watch and wait
They tell me there is one unique leaf I must find
The veins within it hold a key

A pattern of leaves sit at my feet
I study each one patiently
None of them seem right
“Tread further on,” the forest spirits tell me

Deeper into the woods
My eyes search the muddy, snow covered ground for a golden oak leaf
Still nothing
A whisper from the roots below say, “stop”

Dig into your memories
You have seen the leaf before
It’s not here
Along the mighty river it drifted away

      “On a Mother’s Day, you held it in your hands, a precious golden oak leaf, you blessed it and put it in a bottle,” the forest fairies remind me

In the bottle was a letter to God
Asking for redemption and salvation
Telling a story I wanted to forget
But keep re-living

The golden leaf is resting now
With the letter to God in the bottle
Along the pacific coast
Waiting for me to come home