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“Song of the Mountain”



Love has found me.  Fear has left me.  Heart is overflowing.  Faith renewed.

I see the red, yellow and purple mountain wildflowers, gracefully blowing in the spring breeze.

The taste of the crisp pine mountain air on my lips.

The warmth of the Sierra sun on my back, holding me tight.

The smell of the alpine lakes elevates my head.

I hear the song of the mountain, silently whispering to my soul, making promises that will be kept.

In the song of the mountains, I hear the whispering of angels speaking to me, gently urging me on to the next step. I hear my own breath as I keep walking forward. Each step taking me to the summit where I will see beyond the horizon. I hear the wisdom of the ancient pines speaking their words of wisdom, telling me to slow down, to take in the beauty of this place, to take in the beauty in me.

The song of the mountain sings tales of love, oneness, forgiveness. God is here and showing me how to love. Love has been in me all along and has struggled to come forward. My heart holds an abundance of love, joy and hope. In the mountains, peace reigns like the sun warrior’s staff. The sun warrior of the mountain has brought my love to me.

All of those who have loved me are imprinted on my heart and they are with me as I walk past the alpine lakes, tall pines and spring wildflowers. All of the souls who have touched me over time are on my skin, like glittery specs of gold.

The song of the mountains sings sweetly in my ear; God’s voice is so clear. I recognize His voice and bow down to praise the voice that brings my heart peace. My own voice is speaking to me now, telling me to realize the powers in my soul. As I gaze upon the mountains, a healing power takes me over, leading me forward to heal myself and others.

Here, I am the song of the mountain.  Love has found me.  Fear no longer holds me.  My heart is finally open.  Promises are always kept.

Promises are always kept…..

Love and light, M


“Why Hearts?”


Why hearts?  You ask…..

As I see another one
Everywhere, in every living thing, in every face I see
A strange yet beautiful shape taking over my life

In a time of change
He needed to reach me
The only way was to fall in love
After all of the heartache, it was only a matter of how

Why hearts? No circles, squares or rectangles would do
Too confining for a soul like mine
Perhaps at one with the sun, moon, universe
It fits, within me….snug and warm

Hearts in nature decided to bring forth my own heart to me
Teaching me to see
Thank you will never be the right words to express my gratitude
My heart on my sleeve, in my mouth and in your eyes

Why hearts? They ask….
I am a messenger who’s life was like low-hanging fruit
Ripened over time
She is ready to share

Enduring turmoil resides here, forever
Allow her to open up, despite the sound of breaking and the howling of her demons inside
Make her see goodness, hope and golden light
All the Gods agreed, it was her time

Why hearts?

An eternal symbol of love
As I continue on the journey
Those I touch will feel and see the shape of my heart

Love and Light, M

“Chief Musician”

The chief musician
Stands at the worn podium
Conducting the harmonies of our lives
A complete and perfect symphony played out in unison against the purple-lined sky

Her guidance is critical as I listen
Knowing which notes to play when
Adjusting to the musicians beside me
Allowing our connection to create beautiful music

The chief musician
Listens for a luscious sound
As Angels string their harps
We bare witness to their effortless and important work

A symphony plays on as we travel through our self-absorbed existence
She watches and gives us strength to keep playing
She gently changes our direction as needed
So that we may perform our best melody to the world

Love and Light, M


Written April 2013

Float on…..
Wild one

Float above, beyond, beneath

Our souls float
Among the towering trees
Beneath the roots so deep
Entwined within the darkness of the earth

Among the spring wildflowers
Along the winding, restless river
Visions of loves creation

I float along
I will reach my destination

Like a feather
Drifting in the creamy breeze
Landing softly on the sun-kissed dawns grass

As the paint graces the canvas
Colors that touch the spirit
Easing our delicate hearts

Float on…..
Wild moon

Love and Light, M

“Dear Star”

Against the landscape of time
Do we recognize the beginning of the end?
Is there a tree along the journey that marks the fork in the path?
Where our road intersects with another’s and they become one?

Or, in the starlit night of space
Will one star shine brighter and point to a new direction?
Does a comet float by with a message to stop, go back, move forward?
Is there a reset button hanging on the moon?
Can a switch on the sun propel us into the future?

With each passerby on the street, I wonder where they are on their path
Their faces show no emotion
Just solemness
Almost carelessness
Expressionless on the outside, but inside a raging story plays on

If I were to stop a stranger and ask, how are you? Tell me the truth

Would they burst into flames at the thought of the pain they feel?

Would they explode with pure joy at the happiness in their heart?

Would they collapse at the thought of losing someone they loved? Someone they betrayed? Someone they neglected? Someone they walked away from?

Would they dance in the street remembering a perfect moment of bliss, a perfect moment of love exchanged, a perfect moment of giving unconditionally?

What would I do? Why doesn’t someone ask me? How are you, really?

Against the landscape of time
There are struggles and triumphs
There is guiding light from above to feed our souls
There are memories we can count on to warm our hearts
There are times when we shake our fists at the sky and shout “why?”

With each star in the sky
Billions long gone, billions yet to come

Can I ask just one?
Can I ask just one?

Dear Star,
Be my light
Be my guide
Show me which path
Show me the way towards peace

Love and Light, M