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“Mile Marker”

Death Valley July 2015

Lead me to memorable places

I am homesick for known destinations with trickling blue streams and purple irises
Mountain roads that lead to nothing but fresh air and sights unseen

Left alone to walk the road
I’m standing along the side, hitchhiking to wherever my ride will take me
Others will come along too

I have faith that my guides will help me get there

There’s a mile sign up ahead
2,225 miles
Is that too far to go?
I think we can make it in two or three days

I’ve traveled through this space before many times
I’ve traversed the rocky terrain with small slivers of gold and silver, God beams leading the way
I’ve stood in the rain, letting it soak me to the bone, allowing it to wash away any remaining fears cocooning me

If we reap what we sow, will I receive Peace, Unconditional Love and Serenity?
Cultivating the land of souls around me
Tending to their well-being, taking care of every little thing
I put it out into the universe: as a boomerang it comes back to me…..

I hope.
I pray.
I ask.
Will you?

Please come back to me….I miss you, Peace, Unconditional Love and Serenity, I miss you.

If that’s a universal law, then why do we struggle? It’s not the boomerang sending us peace, unconditional love and serenity.
Sometimes it comes back as Turmoil, Pain and Suffering
Sometimes we sit with a kindred spirit named Karma

Radiant, unexpected places frame the lens
They are surprisingly beautiful, each and every time I see them, radiantly beautiful
There, my free mind illuminates pure Peace, Unconditional Love, Serenity

I guess Karma is an okay friend to have
I’d rather sit with my long-lost friends,  Peace, Love and Serenity a little more often, wouldn’t you?

Is the journey of 2,225 miles what it takes to see those friends again?
If I can silently leave Turmoil, Pain and Suffering behind, will they follow me? I promise to write. I promise to think of you and send you love. Promise.

Perhaps I should levitate to that place above the clouds
Pretend I’ve reached the 2,225 mile marker
Neglect those obstinate, stubborn friends who say they love me
No…. Turmoil, Pain and Suffering, you do not love me.  You feed off of me. You feed off of all of us, at some time or another.

I kneel down in prayer position along the side of the road
Mile marker unknown
I have a long way to go

I ask that my dear friends, Peace, Unconditional Love and Serenity wait for me. I will see you again. Promise.

They agree
I genuinely smile
Let’s go….
To the end of the road, together, we will meet at mile marker 2,225.

Love and Light, M

“The Keeper”

July 14.Torrey Pines sunset-4

“Maybe God will love you more if you come back to him with your whole heart later.” The Sparrow

Just for tonight…
Let the keeper of all things rest easy, peacefully.  Let the keeper slumber into a world of magnificent dreams where the dragon slayers win, the villains lose and yet everyone lives in harmony.

Tonight, let the keeper of all things rest easy with a heart full of love, with dreams of cherry trees against the purple horizon, of majestic peaks and shallow glistening pools gathered at the base of a mountain range of possibilities.

Just for tonight…
Let the keeper of all things have tolerance for chaos, the chaos of life and duties, a tolerance for the gray and questionable, a tolerance for courage in a time of challenges, tolerance for the chaos of pain in the midst of awakening.  Tolerance for the chaos of suffering yet surviving.

Let the keeper of all things seen and unseen rest easy, rest in a blissful slumber of beautiful moments not recorded by anything but the heartstrings, rest easy in the divine moments of pure and true light, let the keeper rest easy, knowing the truth and knowing there is more happening behind the scenes as an epic fable of fairies and warriors, gods and goddesses perform their work to ensure that the greater good of all is happening, now and always.

Tonight, let the keeper of all things forget the pessimistic side of the glass, the negative and ungrateful, the energy drainers and inconsiderate ones:
who take
who take
who took…

Let the keeper of all things remember the good, the crazy beautiful side of all of our lives rolled into one, remember the ones:
who gave
who gave
who give….

Just for tonight, let the keeper of all things be love
Be God, be Her, be Him, be It, the beginning and the end, the hope and the faith, Just for tonight, let the keeper be
Just be….

Love and Light, M