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“Love Is”

Tenaya Lake


A conversation about love ❤️

Love is….

A ride on a secluded mountain road, to a vibrant crystal lake, graced by a rainbow of wildflowers, evergreens framing the boulders below

A granite rock, an obstacle to overcome, yet worth it when the peak is reached on a hot summer day, the view of the top of the world

A song sung by the golden aspens in October, the veins of each leaf holding stories of complete surrender and forgiveness

A trail, hard and fast, the ascent hurting at times, back-breaking, the blind leading the blind, to reach the inevitable at the end

A seeker, stuck in a place of wonder, wanting to be released from the misery of the suffocating pines, yearning to create a masterpiece on the other side of the clearing

A river leading to nowhere, the coastline so beautiful, eyes cannot grasp what they are seeing, knowing they are lucky to flow along by the grace of the mountain spring

A map, outlining many different destinations, a route stands out as “the one” but it appears awkward, non-traditional, a roundabout way to reach nirvana

This is love…. These things plus much more. It’s not in another, it is in the gift from the universe, it is in you.

You, you took the ride on the secluded mountain road, to climb the granite rock, with a map showing you “the one” with the hard route outlined on your heart.

You, who traveled down the river on a raft made from your own hands, seeing a rainbow of wildflowers along the water’s edge, while the song of the golden aspens played against the backdrop of evergreens.

You, who will create a masterpiece in your life, one only you can create, if you love yourself enough to live your truth.

Love and Light, M

“Leave the Light On”

Am I that strong
To carry on?
I might change your life
I might save my world
Could you save me?
And all of your weight
All you dream
Falls on me it falls on me
And your beautiful sky
The light you bring
Falls on me, it falls on me
“Falls on Me”- Fuel
“Leave the light on,
Keep the door open”
Angel, “I am ready to receive the light”
What nights are nights of light?
What nights are nights of dark?
“Turn the light off,
Shut the door”
It’s too much. The disparity between the light and the dark.
Is there a way to turn it off? At what moment can we decide, it’s too much light? It’s too dark. Open the door. Turn the hall light on, please.
A toe touches the floor. A little one tiptoes down the hall. He thinks, “there has to be someone who can comfort me. I’m scared and lonely. I need the light to make me feel better.”
“Dearest little one, I will never leave you. I will give you light when you need it. I will open the door when you are ready to leave.
Little one, I can darken the room so you can rest. When the light is too much, too bright, too blinding, I will bring back the dark. If you want a door to close, I will close it.
Take heed, I will give you the light and the dark. I will prepare you, little one, to have enough faith to manage and maneuver both. Your faith in an open door will keep you strong. Your faith in the white light will give you hope.”
The little one sleepily walks down the hall to his warm bed. She tucks him in, kisses his forehead and snuggles close. His porcelain blue eyes drift into blissful dreams.
The angel caresses his back and drifts to turn off the light and shut the door. He knows she will be back tomorrow. Tomorrow, he will want the light and the open door. She will be waiting, next to him, with faith and hope wrapped in his blanket, ready to give him what he needs.
“Sleep well, little one, until tomorrow. All of your light, falls on me.”
Love and Light, M

“I Love”

I love B&W

Carvings on the silver aspens tell a timeless story

Of ones who took to knives, permanently imprinting their names on the body of the aspen for all passerby to see
A commitment to that day, a moment when the world around them was declared perfect and harmonious

Pure love carved in time, in the shiny, silver mountain forest

Chaotic souls, agreeing that the carvings would make them immortal, allowing them to be free, for just one day
Aspens will be there, long after they are gone, their skin tattooed with letters of a fragile, fortunate union

I love…..

A candid moment they shared, a profound memorial of commitment, in a forgotten silver forest

“Like You”

“If the door is open, it isn’t theft
You can’t return to where you’ve never left” – Cedarwood Road U2

Overheard conversation, in a crowded bustling coffee shop:

(Shouting) “Someone like you! That’s what I want, but it’s not you,” he says, under his breath.

“Someone like you, a poetic muse, a loving soul, ready to risk a life, to save mine.  It’s not you, just someone like you.  Someone who takes care, who loves wildly and fiercely, who cares deeply.  It’s just not enough,” he says, under his breath.

“Someone like you, in another form.  I’ll take that model instead,” he says.  “A more current version, who fits a little more nicely into my world.  A little more in reach and less in the air.”

(Silently) “Someone like you, that’s what I want, it is you.”

“Someone like you, who showed me the way to my own light, who gave me a priceless gift, who allowed me to be me.  Yes, it’s you.  It’s you.”


“Someone like you, a cure, a potion, a drug.  But it wasn’t you, really, it was me.  I want me, all of me, even if you don’t, or can’t, or won’t.  I want someone like me.”

“Someone like me, who loves me for me, all of me.”

They close their books, pack up and head for the door. Eyes shining brightly at one another, they whisper, “until next time.”

No. 444



Sometimes, the most fragile, beautiful things grow in the starkest of places…
A crack in the sidewalk
A broken, abandoned heart
But maybe, those places are the most abundant and seasoned. Underneath the cold, hard surface, lies a miraculous collection of life-giving resources that only the lucky ones will ever experience.
The most fragile, beautiful things will grow if given a chance, the right timing and without a doubt, unconditional love.

“Four Angels”

Angel of Bodie.8.8.15


I’d buy more angels, if I could
Three is not enough, five is too many
Four seems right
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
North, South, East and West

Each one will take care of my most basic needs, in all seasons, whatever direction I go, in whatever energy I experience
A perfect square of autonomy

I pray to the angels for minimal things
Love, water, peace, comfort
It’s not too much to ask, is it?
Basic, life-giving sustenance

I’d buy more angels, if I could
I would ask them to teach me how to fly, head held high, dignity intact, brave enough to say what I need to say
Yet soft enough to hold it all together

Three is not enough, five is too many
Four, yes, four angels are calling my name
Four angels are comforting me, surrounding me in the midst of summer
A summer begging for change

I know their names
They have known mine since we met a thousand years ago
One left for awhile to guide another
She’s on her way back to me now

They are coming
Massive white wings spanning the length of a whale’s heart
Golden eyes shining in my dreams
Hope rising from her breath

Wake at 3:33 a.m., when the veil lifts between the worlds
They arrive, one by one
Each carrying a message
Hope, Love, Peace, Comfort

“No need to buy, just believe”
We are here, the Four Golden Ones
Help is on the way

Love and Light, M

Swing, August, Swing



We’re all still here
It’s August now
Time to relish in the summer
Swing high, into the clouds

Day comes again
Elegantly, night erased
Honesty doesn’t get us anywhere
It only brings comfort to the brave ones

Tenderness sits outside the door
On a shelf
In a forgotten drawer
Silence grips the hinges
Try to be quiet, they need sleep

Smitten with the idea of a new day
August imposed itself quickly upon us
Our afflictions still common knowledge
Easier to digest and swallow

Eight-twelfths of the way through
Another year we want to remember
Eight-twelfths of real time
Real time of learning, growing, being

We’re all still here
Wanting to create something lasting
Eight-twelfths is almost gone
Swing heavily into the remainder of the year

Swing and rock
Back and forth
From happy to sad
From strong to weak

Swing, August, Swing





Part 1.
“If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung
Would you hear my voice come through the music
Would you hold it near as if it were your own?”
“Ripple”- The Grateful Dead
Some voices become our own, without us even knowing; they creep into us and meld into our being. Some voices become our music; a melody we need to allow our sacrifices to make sense.
Part 2.
I don’t want to say goodbye, so forgive me for not saying hello
I’ll just sit quietly beside you
exchanging meaningful glances
Watching August clouds roll by
Forgive me, I cannot stay for long, but I’ll be with you forever
Understand me, I’ll give you strength and compassion
In return, please give me hope and resurrection
I don’t want to say goodbye, so forgive me for not saying hello
We can walk the path to nightfall
I’ll hold the light so you can see
Part 3.
So it’s said
Teach only love
As the ripples spread across the shallow waters
With each one, tales of forgiveness take life
Purple moths dance around the sunlit poppies
A display of undying love
Shown only to us
We inhale the moment and feel blessed
Teach only love, is the message
We hope that we do
We fear that we can’t
So it’s said
Time heals all wounds
I think it’s the ripples in the shallow water
Asking us to open up to the unknown before us
Purple moths dance around the sunlit poppies
Only a few remain until another summer rain
Cherish the sight, cherish the moment
It will be gone soon enough
Part 4.
I don’t want to say goodbye, so forgive me for not saying hello
I’ll just sit quietly beside you, watching the sunlit poppies glow
I don’t want to say goodbye, so I will stay with you forever
Love and Light, M



Ansel Adams Wilderness.Thousand Island Lakes Trail.7.15


I used to think it meant, “okay, I’ll roll with it” or “no problem, I can deal with the situation.”  No, it means so much more than that.  I’m learning the logical and defining meaning of words so carelessly used in our every day transmissions with others.

The definition of acceptance means the belief in something or agreement about something. If I accept a situation, I am agreeing to believe in the basis for which it was formed, the fundamental building blocks for the arrangement of knowledge or understanding.  If I agree to accept our terms and conditions, I believe that our exchange is true and valid, laced with trust and honesty.  If I accept you and your view of the world, even if I don’t agree, the feeling of acceptance is much more tolerable and bearable.

Is looking at the face of a loved one and accepting their weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, indescribable indiscretions; their quirky side affects of a given situation. Is that unconditional acceptance and love?  Or is it something more?  Maybe belief or faith is the term I’m searching for.  If I know and understand the core of you and accept without doubt that nothing intentional ever meant to disrupt or hurt me, then can I say unequivocally that I have faith in you?  Is complete faith in another human being even achievable?  Do we need to establish values and guidelines to meet the highest humanly level of faith?

Indeed, acceptance should be placed upon our own shoulders with our own reflections staring at us in the rear view mirror.  Self-acceptance evolves into self-love which expands across the ribbons between our minds into love for our fellow travelers, walking a stony path up a mountain pass that seems to meet heaven.

Acceptance of ourselves and each other is a steep path we all must travel.

It is with grace and peace that I accept you, my fellow traveler, who walks beside me on my path, which could cut back against the broken trail, leaving parts of ourselves along the way.  I have accepted that part of my road to self-acceptance must allow for days of uncertainty and nights of lonely darkness.  Accepting your place on the trail as we enable each other to climb over twisted roots and scramble down the hollows to reach a safe and flat landing. Accepting that I might hold your hand to help you up and accepting that sometimes I need to grasp your hand when I cannot take another step without the pain in my back piercing into my lungs.

Acceptance is the faith and belief that I have been given this specific trail to walk with my fellow soul travelers.  We accept and agree to assist each other on the journey to find ourselves.

Love and Light, M