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“Milestone 43, Rt. 168”




A day standing out among many, a day a soul felt its purpose, a miracle to be found by the guardian… April 25, 2013

A beloved guardian walked beside me….invisible energy holding my hand

As we walk upon this earth, all of our gifts within our reach…sometimes to find them we must travel alone, stumbling upon the road less traveled.

That day, on Milestone 43, Rt. 168, where time stood still, and I, waiting for an answer…More questions arrived as my baggage weighed me down, I came down from my heartache and looked forward, only to witness more questions as the milestones hurried past me. Since then… my boots worn from walking, my back heavy with duties….I remember scores of endless, notable days, with a beloved guardian… with an unspoken energy, made only for me…

I experienced…
….A tonic effect
….Peaceful logic
….Creative genius

Helping me establish a secure position amongst grand counterparts, pushing me to come into my own, my worn boots and heavy baggage….

Allowing my images to flow from one to another, imprinting a classic, genuine beauty on all of them, expressing in photographs the scene resonating from my eyes…

Across those miles, many times over and over again, across those miles, however near of far, our guardians walk beside us, urging us to move past ourselves and moving into our core and pulling out what we already know. Comforting us on those long dark nights when the stars hid under complacent covers. Across those miles, many times over and over again, across those miles, however near or far, our guardians walk beside us, invisible energy holding our hands as we walk upon this earth, presenting our gifts to us when it is decided we are ready…

Guardian, bring me your
……Cathartic touch
……Knowing eyes
……Motivational lessons

My guardian
Reach out to me on a material level
We are one in the same
Created in a shape of those buttery mountains, worn by my boots and baggage
I see you in me, I see them in us

A beloved guardian walks beside me, connecting to me, across a vast distance, on Milestone 43, Rt. 168, I looked across an open road ahead, when I was completely lost, yet my guardian was waiting for me to be found. A guardian only I can see and feel.

…. A tonic effect
…..Peaceful logic
…..Creative genius
As Milestone 43, Rt. 168 drifts into the past, I look upon the mirage of a snowcapped horizon and I remember…a poem, a line…. I remember a time when I transformed from lost to found.

Love and Light, M

The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

No. 395

Ancient Bristlecones 4.13


When I was a young girl, I believed that I had an infinite amount of time; that my days, months, years were abundant as I thought about the future. Another January is here and once again I am reflecting on the meaning of time. It’s becoming a year of appreciating my time left and what I plan to do with it, who I plan and want to spend time with. Time is very precious. Embrace it. 🙂

Warm-hued ribbons rise along the eastern horizon
A joyful January palette embraces our quiet solitude
Snow tips a barren ground
Chirping sparrows
Spring waits under their wings

In the early hours of youth, hours are abundant, days stretch on infinitely
Months languish on as years, years appear as eternity

In the late hours of age, hours become minutes, days flash swiftly
Months shorten into years
Eternity seems immensely close

A sound of spring rests under sparrows wings
Another spring awaits us

Until then, reflect on another year of youth gone…
Reflect in the moment of January, a joyful month of renewal, of sitting in the depths of winter’s silence

How many tough lessons have we learned since last winter’s breath sent shivers across our spines?

Shivers of awareness:

Only love and your truth will set you free

Forgiveness is constant… a daily prayer said for those who aren’t sorry, for those who never said goodbye, yet vanished while standing in front of our eyes

Letting go of what no longer serves us hurts… like utter hell. It hurts, yet the pain dulls as the minutes meld into years

Shivers of awareness:

Looking in the mirror cannot reflect the pain we have endured
It’s on the inside, covered by flesh and bones

A realization that true love may not be true… True love may mean nothing more than appreciating a newfound day of warm-hued ribbons rising on an ordinary January dawn

Rise…. rise with a newfound year
Fill your flesh and bones with hope and renewal
Listen as the sparrows allow you to hear spring coming in their voices
Sit with the silence of January
Open your eyes to tough lessons learned… Allow pearls of negative energy leave you unharmed yet stronger

Ask January to sit with you in joyful silence
Appreciate warm-hued ribbons across a winter sky
Remember the early hours of youth and abundance
Accept eloquent aging years to eternity

Love and Light, M

“To The End”



Tahoe Sunset- To The EndTo the end…

The author of time sees us from God’s view above
From Mother Earth below

We, in the middle, do our best to create a new day
Worth something memorable
Devoted to living our values
A outward testimony of faith

Everyday magic displayed before our eyes
A chronicle spinning of time
A sun awaits a moon, a moon awaits a sun, constantly chasing a radiant sky beyond their reach
A flawless wizard, seemingly above the law, practices his magic on a weakened doe
Her pride in his immortal hands

To the end…

The author of time sees us from God’s view above
From Mother Earth below

We, in the middle, are examples of how to transition and move forward
Becoming our true essence of soul
Living witnesses to a life unending
Living spirits, tapping into their greatest good

The author of time, the sincere author of everyday magic
Cradles the wounded doe
Elevates her up to a waxing winter moon
Sets her free, to be a living testimony of love

To the end….and we all believe it ends….
Yet the author of time reminds us
There is no end
Then asks us to live in infinite love and with divine intention, every day, eternally

Love and Light, M

“My Compass”

True North

(Photo by Michele Clark Leach)

True North is calling… Guidebooks in hand….

4,766 miles, to and from, four times in three years
15,031 words written, more prose to come
3,088 photos taken, most with His imprint on them, somewhere

A postcard read:
“Wish you were here”
sentiment, meaningful
intention, good

But you weren’t, and neither was I, even as I stood in prolific beauty
Where was I?
Only quizzical thoughts drifting across those miles, words, images

Years spent loving a ghost, letters in my pocket, songs in my head, words that were just… words?
Years spent loving something elusive, asking me to endure torturous growth to evolve from ego to soul

Into me, today
Into her, tomorrow

All those numbers add up to my True North
A new beginning
A new world… Miles unseen, words unwritten, images yet to be captured

Years of learning to love me through You
Years of torturous evolution at the hands of my ghosts
“Wish you were here” written on the postcard from the universe

I hold the compass towards True North
I search the guidebooks for my direction
I whisper softy to the worn paper in my hands….

“I’m on my way”
I’ll meet you there with my words and my camera
I’ll send the telegraph up and put it into the night sky, spelling out “yes”

“I’m coming”
A resounding “yes” explodes across the miles I’ve traveled to and from and back again
This time I will be there, absorbing prolific beauty
This time I will be present in my words and my actions
This time my grand vision will emerge through my images

4,766 miles, to and from, four times in three years
15,031 words written, more prose to come
3,088 photos taken, most with His imprint on them, somewhere

Numbers adding up to a quiet evolution of me, the One I didn’t waste time loving, the One who points me towards my True North, the One who gave clear direction…. it is Him

Love and Light, M