“Song of the Mountain”



Love has found me.  Fear has left me.  Heart is overflowing.  Faith renewed.

I see the red, yellow and purple mountain wildflowers, gracefully blowing in the spring breeze.

The taste of the crisp pine mountain air on my lips.

The warmth of the Sierra sun on my back, holding me tight.

The smell of the alpine lakes elevates my head.

I hear the song of the mountain, silently whispering to my soul, making promises that will be kept.

In the song of the mountains, I hear the whispering of angels speaking to me, gently urging me on to the next step. I hear my own breath as I keep walking forward. Each step taking me to the summit where I will see beyond the horizon. I hear the wisdom of the ancient pines speaking their words of wisdom, telling me to slow down, to take in the beauty of this place, to take in the beauty in me.

The song of the mountain sings tales of love, oneness, forgiveness. God is here and showing me how to love. Love has been in me all along and has struggled to come forward. My heart holds an abundance of love, joy and hope. In the mountains, peace reigns like the sun warrior’s staff. The sun warrior of the mountain has brought my love to me.

All of those who have loved me are imprinted on my heart and they are with me as I walk past the alpine lakes, tall pines and spring wildflowers. All of the souls who have touched me over time are on my skin, like glittery specs of gold.

The song of the mountains sings sweetly in my ear; God’s voice is so clear. I recognize His voice and bow down to praise the voice that brings my heart peace. My own voice is speaking to me now, telling me to realize the powers in my soul. As I gaze upon the mountains, a healing power takes me over, leading me forward to heal myself and others.

Here, I am the song of the mountain.  Love has found me.  Fear no longer holds me.  My heart is finally open.  Promises are always kept.

Promises are always kept…..

Love and light, M


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