“A Storm of Souls”



Jewels of gold roll in from the west

Electric light on the bark

They shake as thunder crashes

A ship of souls arrives with the storm

Landing on the edge of the cliff
Dispersing into the murky streets outside
Ghosts of the past corrupt the night
Repeat the mantra to protect the innocent

A night like this reminds us of our strengths
Significant details of what we love and why we are here
Still here
Learning, teaching, living our soul lessons

Teach love, only love
One by one, we forgive

Even the most evil
Even the most wretched

Again, the most brilliant
Again, the most powerful

In the silent space between the strikes
Outside my window another world exists
Inside my head, a fascinating tapestry of storms
Dearly beloved, can you see it?

A ghost ship moves into the east
Cracking thunder and silver electricity
Taking the evil and wretched
Taking the brilliant and powerful

Sailing into the spring lit night
A delicate saving on the horizon

Still here, forever here, on the edge of the cliff, we stand

Love and Light, M

2 thoughts on ““A Storm of Souls”

  1. J

    Dearest Michele

    I just want you to know how impressed I am with each and everyone of your pieces, keep up the excellent work! This particular poem is beautiful written and quite honestly one of my all time favorite pieces (love the photo as well). You have some powerfully written lines…

    Possible title ” A storm of souls”?

    thanks for sharing this piece

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