“Untitled 2”



There is no physical evidence

No trace……

Only invisible clues
That they were here

But it was real
It’s printed on the fragile paper covering of our hearts
Precious moments
It transports us back to another time

We smile when we see a photo of their beautiful face
We laugh when we recall the sound of their voice
Tears of pure joy when we recreate the love they gave to us

From wherever they are….across the bright blue forever

I hope they smile and laugh
I hope they remember
I hope they still feel the love we share

The clues are in the sparkle in our eyes
The evidence in the words that we speak
A trace of love on our skin

It is with us…. always

When we touch, we can feel their energy
A clue in the way we reach out to others
Untouchable evidence, when we see with our nostalgic hearts

There is nothing left of them, but the blissful thought, radiating from us
If we are asked to remember, we will
As we do, reach into the photographic frame in our minds, and see

Love and Light, M

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