“People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime”

I used to have this quote on my desk at work. At the time, I am not sure if I knew exactly what it meant. Obviously, something about it resonated with me and made me think. Now I understand more clearly, but I’m not sure I really like that quote anymore. It kind of makes me cringe and wonder, do all people have to be catagorized in that manner? Do I have to look at everyone I have ever met and gotten to know with one of those labels? In my world, I want everyone to be “lifers.” If I meet you and we have a connection, I consider you to be lifer. However, upon further reflection of this saying, its right to begin to thank those reasons, seasons and lifers. It’s a funny thing, a lot of these people cross-over the label. Yes, some reasons have come and gone. Yes, some seasons, were just that, around in spring or summer, winter or fall. Unfortunately, yes, some lifers have fallen off the lifetime radar. At what point is someone considered a “lifer” though? It’s a sad realization, but we have to make the leap of faith that if they have fallen from our sides, it’s because their own journey is taking them to meet their own reasons, seasons and lifetime people.

I won’t place a label or name the people I want to thank. In my mind, they are my loved ones, no matter how long ago or how recent the person has touched my life…. thank you. In a very random order, hopefully you will know who you are….

To the one who gave me a chance to work a full-time job while attending college
To the one who taught me how to drive a stick-shift
To the one who taught me how to be committed to an important cause
To the one who can tell me like it is, with no apologies
To the one who renewed my faith
To the ones who will listen
To the one who made me laugh in the middle of the extreme chaos while renovating the house

To the ones who show me patience and strength
To the ones who showed up to help when my family was moving to Grandview
To the ones who make me smile, even when I don’t want to
To the one who signed up my kids for baseball and paid for it without my knowledge
To the ones who brought donuts and bagels to the house the morning after our home was broken into

To the one who taught me to appreciate the sunrise and sunset
To the one who helped me unpack Jake’s clothes in his new bedroom
To the one who can ride in a car with me, no destination in mind
To the ones who rode a bus to Florida and back, laughing all the way
To the ones who taught me how to tie my shoes and ride a bike
To the ones who taught me how to play scrabble
To the one who can dance and sing all night with me, to really bad 80’s music
To the ones who taught me how to work hard
To the ones who give me butterfly kisses
To the one who taught me how to set a beautiful dinner table
To the one who taught me how to use my tripod
To the ones who taught me that persistence matters
To the ones who inspire my art and creativity
To the one who taught me how to do the perfect lunge
To the one who taught me how to wrap a simple package and helped me study for french
To the one who taught me how to make the perfect meatloaf
To the ones who always takes my calls
To the one who has showed me that you can change your path
To the one who taught me how to use a map
To the one who showed me the mountains for the first time
To the one who trusted me enough to allow me to keep my job when I moved to Chicago
To the one who can sit with me, saying nothing at all
To the one who comforted me as cried all night
To the ones who are my partners in crime
To the one who gave Repax a chance, and took it to a whole new level
To the ones who would rather read a book than watch tv
To the ones who delivered my precious children
To the ones who saved my sick child from meningitis
To the ones who help me raise my children
To the one who shares great books and music with me
To the ones who are a good solid example for me
To the ones who love me, unconditionally, thank you

Love and Light, M

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