Put your thumb over the moon

Block out the glow, for just a moment
This could be the night
All the stars arrive, for you

Their infinite wisdom shining down on our crazy, beautiful existence

Put your thumb over the sun

Block out its radiating heat, for just a moment
This could be the day
All the wildflowers bloom, for you

Our horizons meet against the blue mirage of the mountains, circling each other’s desire for truth. A truth we already know and understand.  A need to reach it, to grasp it, allowing it to carry us into the darkest of nights, as Mars and Venus hold court over their kingdom below.

Block out the infinite constants that we know….
The sun, the moon, the stars and the wildflowers

Put your hands up to the evolving sky, graced with God beams and motionless clouds.

Rainbows of graphic colors take shape against the desolate mountains, the lowest, hottest, starkest place has something to say….quiet your thoughts and listen.

A simple word, taken for granted….And

Is it the most meaningful word?
A comforting sound in the silence of the desert
It will all come together
Take this road, it’s stunning
Be strong and forthcoming
You have been here before, remember?
Hope rises up to stare us in the eyes
Leads us to a new chapter
Believe, always believe

Love and Light, M



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