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I used to think it meant, “okay, I’ll roll with it” or “no problem, I can deal with the situation.”  No, it means so much more than that.  I’m learning the logical and defining meaning of words so carelessly used in our every day transmissions with others.

The definition of acceptance means the belief in something or agreement about something. If I accept a situation, I am agreeing to believe in the basis for which it was formed, the fundamental building blocks for the arrangement of knowledge or understanding.  If I agree to accept our terms and conditions, I believe that our exchange is true and valid, laced with trust and honesty.  If I accept you and your view of the world, even if I don’t agree, the feeling of acceptance is much more tolerable and bearable.

Is looking at the face of a loved one and accepting their weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, indescribable indiscretions; their quirky side affects of a given situation. Is that unconditional acceptance and love?  Or is it something more?  Maybe belief or faith is the term I’m searching for.  If I know and understand the core of you and accept without doubt that nothing intentional ever meant to disrupt or hurt me, then can I say unequivocally that I have faith in you?  Is complete faith in another human being even achievable?  Do we need to establish values and guidelines to meet the highest humanly level of faith?

Indeed, acceptance should be placed upon our own shoulders with our own reflections staring at us in the rear view mirror.  Self-acceptance evolves into self-love which expands across the ribbons between our minds into love for our fellow travelers, walking a stony path up a mountain pass that seems to meet heaven.

Acceptance of ourselves and each other is a steep path we all must travel.

It is with grace and peace that I accept you, my fellow traveler, who walks beside me on my path, which could cut back against the broken trail, leaving parts of ourselves along the way.  I have accepted that part of my road to self-acceptance must allow for days of uncertainty and nights of lonely darkness.  Accepting your place on the trail as we enable each other to climb over twisted roots and scramble down the hollows to reach a safe and flat landing. Accepting that I might hold your hand to help you up and accepting that sometimes I need to grasp your hand when I cannot take another step without the pain in my back piercing into my lungs.

Acceptance is the faith and belief that I have been given this specific trail to walk with my fellow soul travelers.  We accept and agree to assist each other on the journey to find ourselves.

Love and Light, M

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