Swing, August, Swing



We’re all still here
It’s August now
Time to relish in the summer
Swing high, into the clouds

Day comes again
Elegantly, night erased
Honesty doesn’t get us anywhere
It only brings comfort to the brave ones

Tenderness sits outside the door
On a shelf
In a forgotten drawer
Silence grips the hinges
Try to be quiet, they need sleep

Smitten with the idea of a new day
August imposed itself quickly upon us
Our afflictions still common knowledge
Easier to digest and swallow

Eight-twelfths of the way through
Another year we want to remember
Eight-twelfths of real time
Real time of learning, growing, being

We’re all still here
Wanting to create something lasting
Eight-twelfths is almost gone
Swing heavily into the remainder of the year

Swing and rock
Back and forth
From happy to sad
From strong to weak

Swing, August, Swing

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