“Four Angels”

Angel of Bodie.8.8.15


I’d buy more angels, if I could
Three is not enough, five is too many
Four seems right
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
North, South, East and West

Each one will take care of my most basic needs, in all seasons, whatever direction I go, in whatever energy I experience
A perfect square of autonomy

I pray to the angels for minimal things
Love, water, peace, comfort
It’s not too much to ask, is it?
Basic, life-giving sustenance

I’d buy more angels, if I could
I would ask them to teach me how to fly, head held high, dignity intact, brave enough to say what I need to say
Yet soft enough to hold it all together

Three is not enough, five is too many
Four, yes, four angels are calling my name
Four angels are comforting me, surrounding me in the midst of summer
A summer begging for change

I know their names
They have known mine since we met a thousand years ago
One left for awhile to guide another
She’s on her way back to me now

They are coming
Massive white wings spanning the length of a whale’s heart
Golden eyes shining in my dreams
Hope rising from her breath

Wake at 3:33 a.m., when the veil lifts between the worlds
They arrive, one by one
Each carrying a message
Hope, Love, Peace, Comfort

“No need to buy, just believe”
We are here, the Four Golden Ones
Help is on the way

Love and Light, M

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