“I Love”

I love B&W

Carvings on the silver aspens tell a timeless story

Of ones who took to knives, permanently imprinting their names on the body of the aspen for all passerby to see
A commitment to that day, a moment when the world around them was declared perfect and harmonious

Pure love carved in time, in the shiny, silver mountain forest

Chaotic souls, agreeing that the carvings would make them immortal, allowing them to be free, for just one day
Aspens will be there, long after they are gone, their skin tattooed with letters of a fragile, fortunate union

I loveā€¦..

A candid moment they shared, a profound memorial of commitment, in a forgotten silver forest

One thought on ““I Love”

  1. J

    Nature has a way of binding us and connecting us with the ones we love most…

    Thanks for sharing and posting this piece

    Carvings on a tree…. They seem romantic but are they truly?! Or are they really only ‘skin deep’?

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