“Love Is”

Tenaya Lake


A conversation about love ❤️

Love is….

A ride on a secluded mountain road, to a vibrant crystal lake, graced by a rainbow of wildflowers, evergreens framing the boulders below

A granite rock, an obstacle to overcome, yet worth it when the peak is reached on a hot summer day, the view of the top of the world

A song sung by the golden aspens in October, the veins of each leaf holding stories of complete surrender and forgiveness

A trail, hard and fast, the ascent hurting at times, back-breaking, the blind leading the blind, to reach the inevitable at the end

A seeker, stuck in a place of wonder, wanting to be released from the misery of the suffocating pines, yearning to create a masterpiece on the other side of the clearing

A river leading to nowhere, the coastline so beautiful, eyes cannot grasp what they are seeing, knowing they are lucky to flow along by the grace of the mountain spring

A map, outlining many different destinations, a route stands out as “the one” but it appears awkward, non-traditional, a roundabout way to reach nirvana

This is love…. These things plus much more. It’s not in another, it is in the gift from the universe, it is in you.

You, you took the ride on the secluded mountain road, to climb the granite rock, with a map showing you “the one” with the hard route outlined on your heart.

You, who traveled down the river on a raft made from your own hands, seeing a rainbow of wildflowers along the water’s edge, while the song of the golden aspens played against the backdrop of evergreens.

You, who will create a masterpiece in your life, one only you can create, if you love yourself enough to live your truth.

Love and Light, M

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