“My Anam Cara”



“If I could be strong like you were for me, you are my faith”
Cure My Tragedy- Cold

Two beautiful souls
Carrying their burdens
To the banks of the chocolate river
Assumed, implicit innocence

Heartfelt thanks in the making

Turtles along the shore
Congregate under their shells
Ducks glide by

Angel guides watching

“They made it,” said one turtle to her friend
“Their journey has begun,” said a duck to his mother
Indian spirits gather around
Breathing life into their crippled bodies

Along the days
She carried him
He carried her

Unspoken words filled the morning air

One by one
Her burdens lifted
She placed them in the river
Together, they watched them float away

A calm and healing place
Mere children in their thoughts

A golden warrior
A fallen angel, holding clover in her Celtic fingers

Meeting under Leatherlips
A battlefield forevermore
Sacred, precious ground
Long held meeting place of the Anam Cara’s before them

A constant reminder, a soul friend, my Anam Cara
Love finds you
Heals you, leads you to your fate
Brings peace to heavy, clover-covered hearts

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