“Red Rock”

Red Rock

An ode to the ones who rise above:

That day
When everything falls into place
Under the desert sun
At the top of the hard-earned peak

Is it just another day?
A sunrise came and went
Bright blue sky overhead
Red rocks to the north

No, it’s not just any day
That clarity becomes apparent
As the sun rests it’s head on the mountains
Descending into the starry night

That day, a healing energy arrives
It comes to many, but they can’t feel it
They let it vanish with the passage of time
It disappears as quickly as it came

Our clarity reaches new heights when man and sky have no limits between them

Who will take my place?
Will they allow you to heal?
Does clarity breach the distance between sky and man?
Will you feel open to the sky? Will you be open to mankind?

Our Sanctuary is the sky
Our Buddha is the mountains
Our God is the earth beneath our feet
Our Souls touching no matter the distance

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