Against the golden maple’s glow, the wintering forest prepares us for another day to redeem ourselves, to open our hearts to one another, to forgive, to grant mercy for ourselves and each other.

Of all the mercies bestowed upon us, the greatest one could be the golden rich sunlight at dusk, allowing us to bask in the glory of that day, the only one we’ve ever truly lived. A moment when we see, understand and appreciate the sight of the setting sun behind the falling November leaves. Only then we realize that the day we were given was the most important one by far. It wasn’t yesterday, it isn’t tomorrow, it was today.

Be grateful for the mercies given to you, by a friend or a foe, a stranger or a lover. Be grateful to those you have mistreated….they have forgiven you for your wrongdoings, they have sent blessings to you from a distance, they send blessings as they hold your hand, even after you committed a hurtful act against them. Our morals are ours alone to witness and own. Be grateful to those who elevate above your actions and forgive.

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