Salty Lake Mono



I don’t accept this world as given
As done, finished
As tied up in a perfect reflection of what we thought it was

It’s a gift we continue to open
It’s a door we continue to shut
It’s a window into the future, cracked open, just enough

A masterpiece not yet created sits inside of me

As artisans, challenging days fuel our creations
As believers, our faith fuels our misgivings and doubts

Salt hits the wound
As the poem of my heart comes out
Into a brutal world
Yet the only one I see is captivating

Crazy beautiful, that day was crazy beautiful
“sending crazy beautiful love and photos” …. sent to the other side
Despite my doubts
It will always be crazy beautiful, to me

That salt, it doesn’t serve me anymore
Sweet sugar in my veins weakens the sting
My poem becomes my legacy, a documentation of my inner world

As the whipping November air reaches in, it tries to close a salty wound
Salt from the lake will remain next to my heart, I will visit it again
Next time, empowered
Next time, ready

It’s not a given, that our time is limited

My masterpiece awaits me
My faith, my gifts, are not yours

They are mine
I will remember, next time I visit the salty wound

Love and Light, M

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