“By Sight”



We know all things we love, if only by sight….objects of affection, concrete symbols our eyes recognize and adore

A face of a beloved, cherished one, a comforting flame, a golden glow radiating love across the bright blue forever

A hand that holds on, in sickness and in health, not letting go however hard it is to help and allow you to heal

Eyes saying hello, smiling excitement when they see you, twinkling when they recognize your smile, even though the miles between are great and expansive

A road taken, one known and explored, a sight softening your inner core, your weary bones, taking you home, a peace sign up ahead beckons you towards your destiny

A marvelous tree, knowing all, seeing you, in times of joy and worry, standing tall, a guide towards clarity and understanding, roots holding on to you as you navigate and adjust to the incarnation of love

A magnificent sky, adorned with jewels of moonstone, silver connections, grateful and believable, a blanket of the divine goodness for all to experience, a reminder of spirit, as hope floats on to another time and place

A monarch butterfly, a symbol of rebirth, of surrender, of possibilities, surrounded by sunlit hearts, mirroring yours and mine

We know all things we love, if only by sight, our eyes allow us to feel despite the distance, our hearts attached to something broader and heavier, an anchor… a journey worth the ride

Love and Light, M

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