“As We Were Sleeping”

As we were sleeping


As we were sleeping
Our souls appeared
A source of grandiose light
On a silent ship…. navigating an impassable direction

Our deepest source of light
A dalliance created among verdant labyrinths
Along a panacea of cliffs, a ship passes under a waxing moonlit sky

A sextant aligned on a desolate horizon
A constellation Aquarius
“The luckiest of the lucky”
A ray of sun returns to the northern celestial hemisphere

Sleeping souls
A thousand light years away
Reunite on turbulent seas
Crusty sailors battle an echoing wind derived from the Nile

Pouring watered-down wine to the Gods, the luckiest of the lucky ones
Awakened, tolerant to thrilling intentional waves
Sextant in hand, aligning sun and stars
Their awakened direction
……True North

As we were sleeping
Ursa Major formed our source of light
A Great Bear lies in the northern latitudes
Ancestral founders of colliding hearts….

Managing brevities of time

Love and Light, M

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