“Secretly Incredible Souls”

Scioto Fog-3


“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” ― Mary Oliver

Pale lavender sky drapes against skeletal remains of fall, a silent river waits for their return
Roots extending far beyond us, perhaps into her core below, perhaps into his stars above
Secretly incredible souls, inhabiting a made-up shell we can see and touch, a mere vessel to show you who you are, a vessel to teach you how to love
Secretly incredible souls
Taught us how to live
By example, by extending a welcome hand
They shine their evolving light, day after day
No matter what sky, or how the skeletons appear, full, budding, or bare
Their roots unite with each other, mossy fingers holding onto that last brilliant summer
Resting among the deepest energy we will ever know… Love
Appreciate the love we created
With her
With him
Understand it was fleetingly beautiful
You were the one at the edge of the silent river, deciding which way to go
Your passenger smiles and waves
You decided to go on, with this one simple act, you go forward, without them
Towards another sky, towards another smile, towards golden oaks covering their skeletal remains
You go on, towards your manifested future, unknown yet enticing in its mystery
Forced ahead by secretly incredible souls, in the shape of your beholden, loyal one, who will stay behind, waiting with the skeletal remains of fall to return
A silent river will greet them, another pale lavender sky will remind them, of you, of your secretly incredible soul
Love and Light, M

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