“Milestone 43, Rt. 168”




A day standing out among many, a day a soul felt its purpose, a miracle to be found by the guardian… April 25, 2013

A beloved guardian walked beside me….invisible energy holding my hand

As we walk upon this earth, all of our gifts within our reach…sometimes to find them we must travel alone, stumbling upon the road less traveled.

That day, on Milestone 43, Rt. 168, where time stood still, and I, waiting for an answer…More questions arrived as my baggage weighed me down, I came down from my heartache and looked forward, only to witness more questions as the milestones hurried past me. Since then… my boots worn from walking, my back heavy with duties….I remember scores of endless, notable days, with a beloved guardian… with an unspoken energy, made only for me…

I experienced…
….A tonic effect
….Peaceful logic
….Creative genius

Helping me establish a secure position amongst grand counterparts, pushing me to come into my own, my worn boots and heavy baggage….

Allowing my images to flow from one to another, imprinting a classic, genuine beauty on all of them, expressing in photographs the scene resonating from my eyes…

Across those miles, many times over and over again, across those miles, however near of far, our guardians walk beside us, urging us to move past ourselves and moving into our core and pulling out what we already know. Comforting us on those long dark nights when the stars hid under complacent covers. Across those miles, many times over and over again, across those miles, however near or far, our guardians walk beside us, invisible energy holding our hands as we walk upon this earth, presenting our gifts to us when it is decided we are ready…

Guardian, bring me your
……Cathartic touch
……Knowing eyes
……Motivational lessons

My guardian
Reach out to me on a material level
We are one in the same
Created in a shape of those buttery mountains, worn by my boots and baggage
I see you in me, I see them in us

A beloved guardian walks beside me, connecting to me, across a vast distance, on Milestone 43, Rt. 168, I looked across an open road ahead, when I was completely lost, yet my guardian was waiting for me to be found. A guardian only I can see and feel.

…. A tonic effect
…..Peaceful logic
…..Creative genius
As Milestone 43, Rt. 168 drifts into the past, I look upon the mirage of a snowcapped horizon and I remember…a poem, a line…. I remember a time when I transformed from lost to found.

Love and Light, M

The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

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