“Hanging On”

"Hanging On"

“Hanging On”

All of the light we cannot see
Is waiting patiently for us in the damp shadows
Those who have not been touched by the light
Must wait their turn

Creeping up on us, as we hang on
Like a gray mouse scavenging for a taste of leftovers
He silently tiptoes around it, then scurries away, thankful
We too, silently watch and wait for a small taste of pure bliss for our weary souls

In the darkest of nights, nothingness and loneliness laying hard on our bodies
Heavy weights dangling from our tears
A lightning jolt comes from behind
Startling awareness overcomes and we have no choice but to believe

A silent, inspiring light begins to grow inside
Fed by the grace of others
Sharing their golden light with us along a hard fought journey
Anchoring to a trusted loving source

It won’t let you down
It won’t let you down

All the light I couldn’t see
Was waiting for me on a secluded bench
Surrounded by the wise ones
A cathedral made of moss and stone
Draping over my shoulder

The light and I convene there on my best and worst days
My constant companion, helping me hang on
Inside me and next to me, an invisible presence

It won’t let me down






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