“The Door”

I knocked on the door labeled Hope
As I entered, a white room engulfed me
A single red rose in a crystal vase
2200 years ahead of the beginning

The three of us sat in silence
She stared at me
Then glanced at you
Opened the book and read aloud….

“To find forever peace within your soul, you must go back in time to find your twin flame. When you do, your guide will appear with a golden shroud of light. To be free, give only of yourself and send the other one into their destiny.”

The door labeled Hope opened behind us, quietly urging us to go
We stood and embraced Her
Our eyes met and I saw a thousand years flash before me
In my presence, my twin flame stood

We obeyed her command and set forth
Upon a trail of gold dust
Among the giant trees
The tallest peak in the distance

At the edge of the cliff, we agreed to part ways
My years ahead, your years behind
Some day, we hoped to meet in the middle
“I’ll watch over you from a distance,” you whisper in my ear

The white room still holds the red rose
She waits for our return
Outside the door labeled Hope
A line of desperate souls await their fate

Love and Light,


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