“Dear Star”

Against the landscape of time
Do we recognize the beginning of the end?
Is there a tree along the journey that marks the fork in the path?
Where our road intersects with another’s and they become one?

Or, in the starlit night of space
Will one star shine brighter and point to a new direction?
Does a comet float by with a message to stop, go back, move forward?
Is there a reset button hanging on the moon?
Can a switch on the sun propel us into the future?

With each passerby on the street, I wonder where they are on their path
Their faces show no emotion
Just solemness
Almost carelessness
Expressionless on the outside, but inside a raging story plays on

If I were to stop a stranger and ask, how are you? Tell me the truth

Would they burst into flames at the thought of the pain they feel?

Would they explode with pure joy at the happiness in their heart?

Would they collapse at the thought of losing someone they loved? Someone they betrayed? Someone they neglected? Someone they walked away from?

Would they dance in the street remembering a perfect moment of bliss, a perfect moment of love exchanged, a perfect moment of giving unconditionally?

What would I do? Why doesn’t someone ask me? How are you, really?

Against the landscape of time
There are struggles and triumphs
There is guiding light from above to feed our souls
There are memories we can count on to warm our hearts
There are times when we shake our fists at the sky and shout “why?”

With each star in the sky
Billions long gone, billions yet to come

Can I ask just one?
Can I ask just one?

Dear Star,
Be my light
Be my guide
Show me which path
Show me the way towards peace

Love and Light, M

One thought on ““Dear Star”

  1. J

    ‘Expressionless on the outside, but inside a raging story plays on’

    This line is so very true…. We as humans tend to focus so much on our own inside struggles, on our own ups and downs that we sometimes forget and become blinded to the pains and troubles of others. I honestly believe a lot of this is due to the fast pace world we live in today. Its like we are programmed to say “I’m fine, thanks. how are you?” in the same way that we say “bless you” after someone sneezes…

    One things for certain, this particular piece has got my mind spinning. Its very nicely written. Keep up the good work M

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